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I Anna.
This site I have created for all women of the world.
Here I shall try to collect the fresh news Styles, links to forums and chats where you can inform by secrets and to receive advice from your friends!
Also you can leave the messages for me.
I shall try as soon as possible to place your messages on my pages and you receive the answers from all visitors. Choose it. It is pleasant to you.
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I consider myself the type of girl who's a really good freestylist I got my inspiration from a London magazine .says my experience ultimate goal is to become a artist, which involves showing off the latest hair trends in the industry.Art-Inspired Hairstyling.I have studying art education.nd you use all the elements of art when you're working with hair -- color, shape.i like to take trendy, innovative stylesHave a passion for the art of beauty!Helping with local fashion shows and wide array of beauty responsibilities.My passion - career as a designer, artist (it's all about creative instinct, she advises),Find what you're good at, then take courses to hone and master those talents. "From there, build a clientele, build a great reputation, and learn how to market yourself.

To be successful you have to get love your job, and be driven, she continues. Discipline

India party When you the young, cheerful and carefree girl (though I shall say, that the youth flys by instantly, the smile instantly descends(goes) from the person after a slightest loop on stockings, with what at once, however, and there are cares) ... So, I shall begin on another - everyone ... of the girl)), the girlfriends are going to together concerning or without an occasion (drink why that always), discuss the men and are divided by secrets of beauty . And, naturally, except for you it nobody should hear. Therefore that also exists custom to spend the so-called closed female parties. And we suited a party - India party. Under the program everyone should reach in the female Indian orders - sari (costumes are going to from all fabrics in the house, which in time have not thrown out).

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