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On November, 15th, 2007 takes place auction in Geneva. On the tenders " Magnificent Jewels " houses Christie's are exposed 15 jeweller ornaments from which two subjects of XVIII century belonged to Russian imperial family. One of Russian lot is dated approximately 1760: it ear ringsfrom amethyst and brilliants. The second lot (1750) is decorated by emeralds, rubies, sapphires and brilliants ornamentin the form of an eagle holding in a beak a yellow brilliant. The estimation of Russian jewelry is not informed, but in the press release of house Christie's is spoken, that the tenders should bring about 40 million dollars.

Auctions of jewels.
On the international jeweller auction in Japan " IJT 2007 - International Jewellery Tokyo " is sold the largest brilliant, its weight of 31,22 carats.
On auction "Sotheby" s " is sold the biggest pink brilliant - 28, 03 carat.
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In Kharkov (Ukraine) from February, 14 till February, 17th, 2008 will pass an exhibition of jewels, jewels and accessories " the Jeweller Prestige 2008 ". At auction will be presented jewels, exclusive souvenir products.

On NY Auction Sotheby's appointed for November, 7th, 2007, it is exposed Pablo Picasso's two products. It is a bronze head of a beloved and a muse of artist Dory Maar, estimated in 20-30 million dollars, and a picture the "Lamp" (25-25 million). The sculpture has been executed in 1941, the cloth is dated 1931 year.
Both works have got on tenders Sotheby's for the first time. For buyers of product will show on October, 7-12th in London and on November, 2-7nd in New York. In May, 2006 portrait Dory Maar with a cat has been sold for 95,2 million dollars. The record of cost of pictures of Picasso is established in 2004: then a picture " the Boy with a tube " have sold for 104 million dollars.

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