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Beauty tips -Romantic Beauty
beauty tips for girls - Beauty Tips for Teen Girls Makeup and clothing is an issue for many teenage girls. ... Informations, beauty tips . Make-up brands: Deborah, Debby e Rouge Baiser ... Make-up that’s just perfect !Tips and tricks for a beautiful about hair care. ...
Beauty Tips for Frugal Women. Ever wonder how women stayed beautiful ?Beauty Secrets: Find out how to moisturize peeling skin and create a cute.
Magazine include health and beauty care articles for women.How to care for your face - routine for a beautiful face.Tips on how to make lips appear fuller in several easy steps as well as products to use for best results.Health and Beauty Products Shops. Buy beauty and cosmetics products online - fast and easy access to all the top cosmetics retailers, including: Avon UK, Boots, Debenhams, StrawberryNet ...The beauty products from the skin of Cosmetics firm UK.new Wholesale Beauty Products stock instantly with access.online store dedicated to beauty products, skin care, cosmetics, perfumes, self tans, sun care, body treatments and hair care.Health and Beauty products for men, women and teens.features the finest products rated the best or favorites by celebrities.Shop for most popular beauty products on sale.Beauty Supply in Toronto and Montreal.The best of online stores.Free beauty supply store cosmetic samples with discounts on professional makeup.The world of beauty therapy. A career in beauty therapy and aromatherapy could be your passport to success.


1. Tone. A skin at indian usually swarty (and though now we often see of the Indian movie stars with a light skin, but we shall make a start all the same from old traditions). And so, if your skin is white we take a voice-frequency cream Bronze Max Factor or another of similar tone, but! Only not of a pinkish shade.
2. Eyes. Eyes - a soul mirror. In India, as well as in Egypt, on eyes the basic emphasis is placed - black arrows outline top and a lower eyelid
3.Shadows - bronze.
4. Lips. Juicy and sensual, as a rose under dew drops. I prefer Loreal (¹ 710).
5. Eyebrow. Dark, it is desirable black and rich.Well and certainly bindi.A bindi (a drop, small dot) is a forehead decoration worn.Traditionally it is a dot of red colour applied in the center of the forehead close to the eyebrows, but it can also consist of a sign or piece of jewelry worn at this location.The structure of a paint by which it is put bindi,includes poison of a cobra.
6.Concerning temporary tattooing on hands - mendi. Henna or Hina - paint hands,hair,nail,skin. Also is used for temporary tattooing.

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Beauty Tips Resource - interesting beauty tips, articles and advice in five categories: aromatherapy, hair, makeup, skin care and weight loss. Articles are created for amateurs and professionalists of any age. Beauty Tips are an excellent resource for your skin problems or seasonal makeup and much more.


Care about the skin.
The most effective cosmetic - a dream. While we rest, the skin is restored. With years the ability of skin to updating is reduced. In this case comes to the aid of cosmetics.
Everyday skin constantly needs to be protected from sunlight, cold and frost. To do this day to use the day cream.Night in the skin increasing metabolism, For this purpose it is necessary to use a night cream.At the night the action of a cream amplifies in some times. The modern night creams humidify, have, soften a skin. To each age corresponds to a certain cream.
The young girls kosmetologi do not recommend the use of night cream.Girls older than 20 years recommend an intensive moisturizing cream.To the women 30 years and older it is necessary to apply a nutritious night cream with vitamins, extracts of algae, panthenol and retinol, stimulating collagen formulation and updating of skin.Women 40 years and older need to apply a night nourishing cream 'for mature skin". The cream must be present tonic substances (soy protein, water), humidifiers (hyaluronic acid) and vegetable oils. Hyaluronic acid helps to maintain elasticity and elastic skin.
Choosing night cream, consult with cosmetolog, buy trial. Some days observe the skin, if there are no problems, then use this cream. Need well to clear a skin. To put a night cream on the face 30-60 minutes prior to dream. The cream is better soak if to make massage.Your skin will always be beautiful and healthy.

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How to make celebratory make-up?
Each woman wishes to look brilliantly on a holiday.There is a lot of cosmetics which can be used exclusively for a holiday.
1. After clearing and humidifying of a leather do a make-up for a holiday, it is possible to use powder with shine. The smooth velvety leather will look very attractively with blinking.
Cautiously: Choosing powder with shine, pay attention to that particles of shine were small. Do not put powder with shine on a nose. For a nose use the usual powder.
2. Eye shadow. For a holiday liquid shadows of silvery shades will approach. They densely lay down on eye, very precisely outline eyes and recover all make-up. Liquid shadows are not showered, not smeared and do not irritate an eye.
Cautiously: Liquid shadows it is necessary to put only on a mobile part a eye.
3. Liquid Eyeliner. The Liquid Eyeliner not necessarily should be black. You can use dark shades of other colors depending on a shade of the chosen shadows. The line can be wide both on bottom, and on a upper eyelid.
4. Mascara for eyelashes. On a holiday it is possible to paint eyelashes with coloured mascara's of any shades: darkly dark blue, green, brown.
5. Lipstick. Celebratory make-up allows to use lipstick of the most different shades. Do not put too dense layer of lipstick. Cautiously: Remember, if you have decided to emphasize eyes, it is better to replace lipstick with a lip glosser.

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10 secrets of beauty
1. Secret of health and beauty!
The secret of health and beauty consists in always to begin food with fruit or salad. It is impossible to eat fruit for a dessert, they long are digested, and if is them before reception of food process of digestion passes much more quickly. Beginning food from fruit or salad, you are more quickly sated, so when the turn of the basic dish will reach, you will eat it less as will be not so hungry.
2. To humidify a leather!
The more to drink pure water without gas, the there will be a skin more purely and more beautifully. Water sates cells of an organism with a moisture. So before humidifying a leather with one humidifying cream think, and whether enough you drink waters. In fact all over again it is necessary to sate an organism with water, and then to apply humidifying cream, differently its action it will be minimal.
3. Correct sunburn!
Try to spend time less on the sun and in a sun deck. It is possible to take advantage of autosunburn. To put autosunburn it is necessary in gloves.
4. Long eyelashes!
Painting and a chemical wave of eyelashes spoil them. Buy good ink, and use two at once is better. Use extending and volumetric, imposing one for another. It helps to reach fantastic effect!
5. Healthy hair!
To health of hair important correctly to wash, apply them masks, balms and oils. Putting oil on hair do easy massage. Wind hair with a film, put on a woolen or fabric cap. Take a hair drier and blow in a cap hot air. It will create good thermal effect and oil will get inside. Also apply also masks to hair.
6. Chubby lips!
Buy increasing balm for lips on the basis of microspheres of sea collagen. Almost any cosmetic mark now lets out increasing balms. Pick up, that will approach you more. For example, firm Artdeco has let out balm on the basis of pepper, but it operates all pair hours. Balm Pulp Action from Bourjois operates about 8 hours, and balms from Victoria Secret about two day.
7. Clear a leather!
Never go to bed with a make-up, always to use only not allergenic cosmetics.. For the fat and combined leather it is necessary to select cosmetics oil free, without fats. If at you times are hammered, the cosmetics with a mark non-comedogenic is necessary to you.
8. Strengthen health!
Accept vitamins for appearance, buy a good complex for a leather, hair and nails. Eat dairy products.
9. Protect legs!
Do not go constantly on high heels. Try to go sometimes on less high heels, do calming trays for legs, buy good gel for the legs, improving blood circulation and removing weariness.
10. Create mood!
The less than stress, the it is more than beauty. Be not nervous in vain.

Massage of the face
Massage - procedure useful and pleasant. Massage of the face - the remarkable ally in struggle for beauty.
What massage for the face? Everyone know, that for appearance bodies is necessary gymnastics. It too is necessary to the face. In fact muscles of the face weaken and lose a tone. Massage helps to struggle with it. Regular massage - very effective way for beauty. It is necessary to visit the professional cosmetician.
Massage eliminates a superfluous pressure of muscles, dead cells from a surface of a leather, toxins - from deeper layers, traces of weariness, a wrinkle. Massage Helps to keep elasticity, a tone, a healthy complexion - due to strengthening blood circulation, normalization of a metabolism. Massage of the face, as well as a body, allows to relax. During and after procedure the leather acquires useful substances from cosmetic preparations is much better, their action becomes more appreciable.
Do not forget, that massage cannot be applied, if on a leather of the face there are wounds, scratchs, grazes, infectious processes. Consult with the doctor.
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12 steps to a harmonous figure:
The simple program of transition to an eutrophy:
Step 1. Always begin the day with a breakfast. Otherwise the feeling of famine to the middle of day will be so strong, that you will eat too a greater portion.
Step 2. Eat slowly and enjoy meal is improves allocation of gastric juice, means, you satisfy famine more quickly. Remember: saturation occurs only in 20 minutes after you have eaten a portion. Having swallowed food for 5 minutes, you simply will not have time to understand, that have gorged on. And, quite probably, want the additive.
Step 3. Eat on a regular basis, through identical intervals of time. It will allow to reduce portions. In an ideal each two hours it is necessary to eat any fruit or a vegetable. It is not obligatory to absorb all fruit entirely - cut it in advance it on some parts and put in the plastic tight container.
Step 4. Instead of vegetables and fruit it is possible to drink simply tea - only replace sweets and rolls on same tasty, but more useful fruit. For example, a mango, pineapple, a banana, nuts.
Step 5. Houses you or on work in advance define for yourselves a place and time when you will have breaks for a lunch. Better slowly it is easy to have a bite, while you are not too hungry, than to postpone up to the last - and then to eat a double portion.
Step 6. Try to find out precisely, what products and in what quantities to you should be used within day, and then always adhere to this portion. Cedar or cashews. Cheese with a cracker, or drying will approach also.
Step 7. To avoid temptation something to intercept after you had a bite, force itself each time after meal to clean a teeth. Even if you the big admirer of this procedure, most likely you are disaccustomed to have a bite constantly.
Step 8. As much as possible diversify your menu. Experiment, be not afraid to use some spice and seasoning. Fragrant dishes cause feeling of satiety.
Step 9. That it is fast and with imagination to prepare every day, be reserved by various bags with vegetables. It will allow to combine them, creating all new and new combinations. Beans, for example boiled a string bean, corn and a peas in banks. Adding them in soups, salads and garnishes, you satisfy feeling of famine without risk is better to recover.
Step 10. Replace sugar in the desserts, for example, with vanilla or cinnamon. In tea or coffee it is possible to add a substitute of sugar.
Step 11. Instead of salt try to use soya sauce. It is not bad combined with meat, seafoods and vegetables, and not only adds some salt to them, but also opens taste and aroma.
Step 12. At restaurant, on a banquet eat crude vegetable dishes. Eat each piece of meat with portion of vegetables. Begin a meal with vegetable salads or fruit. Prefer less processed products if it is possible.Crude vegetables it is better boiled. Remember, that alcohol strengthens appetite. Even the wine-glass of cognac before meal can lead to that you will eat twice more.
Coffee prevents a cancer of intestines
Women who drink coffee less often fall ill with a cancer of a thick gut. At the daily use of three and more cups coffee the risk of development of a tumour decreases twice, the Japanese researchers testify. Scientists from the Tokyo National oncological center were used by data of scale research which was spent in the country with 1990 for 2002 and covered about 96 thousand men and women in the age of 40-69 years.It was found out, that from the women, coffee drinking three and more cups in day, risk of disease a cancer of intestines was below on 50 % in comparison with those who at all did not drink coffee. At men of similar advantages it was not marked.The mechanism of anticarcinogenic action of coffee while is unknown. It is supposed, that it can be connected with ability of caffeine to stimulate a motility of intestines, or to speak action of the antioxidants containing in coffee.

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Care of the leather

That the leather did not grow old, start to care of the leather from 20 years
About, cleaning!
The morning wash by means of gel and in the evening - with means for removal of a make-up .
After 25 years process of updating of cells of a leather is slowed down, however at correct care you can support it at a good level some more years. For this purpose easy creams with vitamins A and C
Protection against the sun.
Never leave on street without means of an individual defence - a day time cream with the sun-protection factor. Even in a cold season its factor should be not less than 15, and in the summer - 30 units.
Care of the Body.
Do not forget about a body! Daily take a cool freshening shower with gel, and once a week be properly rubred cleanser to clean old cells. And after that humidify a leather lotionor tonic for a body.
Care of the eyes
That fine wrinkles around of eyes have not turned in deep, do not forget to look after a gentle leather a around of eyes .
It is better to dense nutritious cream to prefer intensive humidifying gels with cooling effect.

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