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" Luxury and stylish casual - wonderful combination !
The girl dressed elegantly, but without excessive pathos,
Will be always noticed!! "

On this page you will find all! From up chic fashion, art, luxury,the latest fashion trends and news, fashion week ,New York Fashion,London Fashion,collections for mens, woomens, childrens, Information about collections from fashionable designers,to news from life of celebrities - and much more!!!
Links to official sites, profiles, photos.


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Also I draw a little.
It not a speciality and simply my hobby:)
Do not judge strictly:)
Look my gallery here.

That will be fashionable in 2008
The most known designers of the world do the forecast that will be fashionable in 2008.
In following year will be fashionable:
- a combination of black, white and grey colors to bright colors - pink, violet, green, dark blue and yellow
- fashionable tendencies 20 years, a beads, beadwork
- dresses-shirts
- footwear without a heel
- leather accessories
- wide jeans, trousers
- bracelets
- black leather jackets
- half boots
- volumetric knitted clothes

Fashionable classics. Each woman should have some classical things that to remain fashionable.
Long jacket with a waist - one of the most actual things. Such jacket not only is beautiful, but also approaches to any clothes - to skirts, classical trousers and jeans. It can be a leather, a tweed, velveteen, silk. In such jacket you will be elegant and attractive.
Black Costume with trousers is fashionably! But also, it is practical - in fact depending on with what you will combine it, the strict suit can look and is elegant and even Smartly. Designers advise monophonic woolen suits.The jacket is clasped on one button. Beautifully and extravagantly!
Classical dress in length up to knees. Such dress can be combined with an elegant jacket. For such dress the best jersey and silk.

Owing to the cooperation with H*M Charles Lagerfeld has made great progress. It has signed the agreement with Accessory Network Group LLC on creation of a collection of nominal handbags and suitcases.This agreement will expand an opportunity of brand Karl Lagerfeld in three new directions fashion which become addition to existing lines of clothes. Handbags, purses and suitcases will appear on sale in the autumn 2008. Cost of subjects from a new collection will change from 350 up to 850 dollars. The products executed from an exotic leather, will cost about 1000 dollars.

Valentino leaves the world of a fashion. Italian designer Valentino has informed the admirers that leaves the world of a fashion. " The ideal moment has come to say goodbye ", - the 75-years designer has noted. In it to year it has celebrated the 45 anniversary of the Fashion house. Valentino plans to work some more months and in January to present last collections of clothes. The fashion designer has not specified, what exactly is measured to be engaged in the future. It only has emphasized, that its activity will be connected with art.

In it to year competition " Miss Tourism Queen International ", passed in China, has collected 108 beauties from the different countries and continents. Action proceeded about two weeks, in current of this time among participants various mini-competitions and shows in national suits, bathing suits and evening dresses were spent. The purpose of competition was not only to define the winner, but also to make more attractive to tourists those countries for which participants acted. The winner of competition " Miss Tourism Queen International " became the most titled model from Tomsk Olga Zarubina. As action passed in support years " Olympiads - 2008 " in China, under the contract the winner should visit China as the person of the future Olympiads.

High style in execution Christian Dior

Place of realization of show Versailles was chosen. There were most known of supermodels: Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Gisele Bundchen - 60-I the collection Dior was shown in an a little bit pleasant atmosphere. John Galliano, has presented a collection on the basis of jobs of the famous artists and photographers, has preferred the foremen of a style: Christian Dior and designer Steven Robinson.
The celebrating of achievement of a house Dior began from show of a collection of 1947 New Look, presented to the world a new silhouette - with "aspen" by a waist and magnificent skirt. Galliano has presented sights itself Dior: Gisele Bu " ndchen in a black costume and Raquel Zimmermann in a dress of colour the elephant of the bones which have opened show, as if banish from black-and-white photojobs Irving Penn.
The demonstration of a collection has passed under music flamenko. Under the end of show itself Galliano has appeared on podium in a costume matador.

The American designer Tom Ford

Tom Ford International has four own shops in Milan, London, Los Angeleså and on Hawaii. Some agreements entering valid in the spring of 2008 also were made. The opening of shops is held in large cities of Europe, Southern America, Asia and Near East (including in Moscow, Zurich, Hongkong, Pekin, Kuwait, Dubai and Qatar). The start of shops in a format « shop in shop » - in such department stores, as Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Harrods, Daslu will proceed.
The own stamp Tom Ford has based in 2005, having signed the license agreement on manufacture of a Perfumery-cosmetic line Tom Ford Beauty with Estee Lauder. The first female aroma - Tom Ford Black Orchid, Perfum - Tom Ford Private Blend, were set from 12 aroma - unisex.Company the release Perfum for the men. Also company has concluded the agreements with the company Marcolin - on manufacture both distribution optical and sunglasses - and with Zegna Group - on manufacture and distribution of a menswear, accessories and footwear.

Fashion Show Russian Designers Masha Sharoevoj in Greece

In Athenes (Greece) within of Athens Xclusive Designers Week (AXDW) took place show participant Russian Fashion Week of Masha Sharoevoj. The designer has shown a new collection of a season autumn-winter 2007/2008 "Holiday" which has been presented in Russian Fashion Week.
The coat, jackets are executed from a black wool, bright contrast is created with figured silk linings. Dresses, shirts and áëóçêè, made of silk or cotton fabrics, with inherent for Masha Sharoevoj's clothes the original and refined cut.
" Athens Xclusive Designers Week - the largest international fashion-event in Greece.

What's in a name? Everything when it comes to intimate apparel. That's why the variety of 200+ brands featured on figleaves.com is so appealing to our customers. Customer favorites include Elle MacPherson Intimates, DKNY, Shock Absorber, Wacoal, Wonderbra, Calvin Klein, Lejaby, Moschino, Betsey Johnson and Cosabella, just to name a few.

Roberto Cavalli always is in searches of new stimulus and ideas. Skill Cavalli to transform mediocre in extraordinary – his bargaining chip. Roberto Cavalli « the artist of a fashion ». Among fans of admirers of creativity Cavalli – the most magnificent, well-known people of the world: the Madonna, Salma Hayek, Holl Berri, Jennifer Lopez, Pamela Anderson, Sting, Bono, John Bon Dzhovi and other. Kavalli has offered tiny jackets-boleroes with weaving, corsets of various forms and silhouettes shroud a body, as if waves of a brush of the artist. The black tie at Roberto Cavalli has undergone a metamorphosis and became the female evening order. The leather turns to dear lace, easy prints decorate soft skirts, colourful shades fill with energy latin style, emphasizing its proud, seductive, but noble grace.

Fashion House Chloe Names Designer Paulo Melim Andersson
Paris fashion house Chloe, booming and popularity mounting, and named a little-known Swedish designer to be its chief designer.
Paulo Melim Andersson,comes to Chloe after a seven-year stint at Italian fashion company Marni and replaces Phoebe Philo, an acclaimed British designer. Andersson's debut will take place in March of next year, when the designer is slotted to feature his fall 2007 collection.

NASCAR Superstore

The women's Dress Favourites:evening dress,wedding dress ,sexy dresses,business woman,prom dress,exotic dresses,casual dress!

style news
– You have to watch an awful lot of Elie Saab to get to the good bits. Forty-six or so dresses into the show, the best finally arrived: a dramatic black strapless gown made of circles of lace edged with tulle ruffles that was cut close to the body and broke into a swirl below the knee. It was vaguely Spanish, a tinge Edwardian, and had the slender, attenuated silhouette that also appeared at Chanel and Lacroix. Yes, it was on trend, but it would be a gorgeous dress in any season, and one that could confer mystique upon a clever woman who booked it for her Oscar appearance. The fact that few would be able to place its origin would only add to its attraction.

Key Looks
-Skip girly colors like pink and go with boldness: red, black, even stark white are good power colors.
-Even though the model-of-the moment look consists of flinty glares, you can be tough and still smile (what's cooler than a confident woman with a sense of humor?)
-Your beauty regime is : thick, shaped eyebrows, chiseled features, a strong mouth. Hair (cropped, shagged, spiked, slicked back) is basically anything that isn't overly girly (like curls and waves).
-Razor-sharp tailoring: even a suit, with crisp lines and bold shoulders, classifies as tough chic.
-Although pants are staples of the look, just about any silhouette can be manipulated to look strong. Even dresses can look tough when worn with the right "face" and hair. Go for severe lines (skip the ruffles and frou) and bold color

Fashion shows Extravagant hats Hatland

A new gilded age was in full bloom at the 25th anniversary lunch of the Women’s Committee of the Central Park Conservancy . Extravagant hats are always a signature of the event. This year the favorite colors were white, ivory, beige and black etched in white. Attended by 1,240 guests.



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