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Sex strengthens health, promotes a good dream.
Orgasm strengthens immune system of an organism. People who are engaged in sex one - two times a week, quantity of an antibody A on 30 % above, than at those who is engaged in sex less often. These antibodies protect an organism from an infection. Sex tones up all organism and pancreas which develops insulin, therefore it is possible to consider sex by preventive maintenance of a diabetes. Regular sex reduces gynecologic and urological diseases.
Weakening and "lulling" properties the progesterone, one of female sexual hormones which quantity increases during employment by love possesses. Its development decreases before the beginning menstruaciya, to fall asleep begins more difficultly. Therefore sex promotes a good dream.

The love nerve is located in a nose.
Recently scientists have found out an olfactory nerve which misses a signal about feromon in a human brain. It have named "0", because of the small size. The nerve "O" has the terminations in a nose and transfers the information on smells in the field of a brain which process the information of sexual character. People are involved sexually with those representatives of an opposite sexually, whose smell differs from their own.
The processes occuring in a nerve "O" can result both in occurrence, and to break of attitudes. If at the spouses the smells are similar, they often face problems at a birth of children, matrimonial changes.People with strongly differing smells have more chances of a happy and long joint life. The nerve "0" perceives only natural smells of the man.
The women can be Sexual excitation by weak aroma of men's sweat. Men's sweat contains a component in the women excitation and increase of sexual activity. It - androstadienon, raises mood, sexual both physiological excitability and activity of a brain at women.
Androstadienon, being to derivatives of a men's sexual hormone testosteron, contains in men's sweat, a saliva and a seed liquid, and has a smell a little bit similar to a smell muskus.

Night of passionate love. Aphrodisiac are means strengthening the sexual desire, raising the general tone.Secrets of good sex depend on food . Honey, nuts, an olive oil, the bananas, progrown grains of wheat, a root a ginseng - these products are the best for maintenance of sexual inclination.Celery - the strongest sexual activator. Marquis de Pompadour, the master of love play, drank hot chocolate with a celery, ate salad from a celery with apples and walnuts.By ancient traditions above a bed of a newly-married hang up a bunch of a celery is strengthens sexual passion.
In cosmetology this aphrodisiac make in the form a ointments, liquids,sprays and powders. There are three groups aphrodisiacs.
1. Cantharidin - a poisonous chemical compound. This very strong substance, therefore to use it is possible only in microdozes. Consultation of the doctor on use of it aphrodisiac is obligatory.
2. The second group contains Yohimbe Extract - a preparation received from a bark of a tree. It improves blood supply of genitals. Extract Yohimbinum raises sexual sensitivity. People with the lowered pressure need to apply Yohimbe very much and very cautiously.
3. Third group aphrodisiac- the toning up preparations improving the general condition of an organism. It are vitamins, extracts ginseng, eleutherococcus. They raise pressure (attention to hypertensive persons), accelerate exchange processes, stimulate an organism, raise sexual activity.

Female masturbation. The most widespread form masturbation among girls press on clitor, sexual lips,vulva. Stimulations clitor can be reached, stroking clitor, putting pressure on pussy or delaying sexual lips. If for a long time to stimulate in one point klitor pleasant sensations weaken.Only few girls masturbation, entering into a vagina a finger or any subject. The majority of girls masturbation,laying on a back. The some girls prefer water massage of genitals or vulva. Also girls use the manual vibrators strengthening sexual sensations.Vibrators happen the most different sizes, the form and types. The some vibrators have the form of a sexual penis. Vibrators are supplied by the different nozzles creating various stimulation. Vibrators usually put to external genitals, some women enter vibrator a vagina both slowly move forward and back.Into a vagina enter also other subjects, including dildo (rubber products in the form of a sexual penis), Jiggle Bals (two metal balls entered into a vagina which are rolled and rub the friend about the friend, creating stimulation) and various other subjects.

Often young girls happen sad. The reason of bad mood, depression or grief happens lack endorphin - " hormones of happiness ".To struggle with it it is simple, sometimes it is enough to eat the certain food and mood will improve.
Bananas and avocado against grief. In a banana contains substance tryptophan which stimulates development sårotonini in a brain. Owing to it we feel feeling of pleasure and calmness. For good mood it is enough to eat one banana in day.
Pepper Bulgarian - for restoration of forces.Pepper Bulgarian contains many vitamins which make active a metabolism in a brain and by that quickly restore working capacity.
Potato from stress.250 gram of a potato will restore loss Kalium (K) and will eliminate consequences of stress.
Beet - for good mood.
Milk - for sincere harmony.Floor of litre of milk or two yoghurts there and you will be healthy and happy
Chocolate. It is necessary to use chocolate before love games. Chocolate possesses the same exciting effect, as caffeine. And the use of chocolate leads to allocation endorphin - well-known " a hormone of happiness ".

Sexual Endurance - make your sex life more pleasurable for you and your partner.
Position's kama sutra bring a woman best orgasm, climax delay, delayed ejaculation,sweet pleasure ...More information on best orgascim or the best female orgasm is the same as book kama sutrathe.
Enjoy Sex Life!
SEX Life is Sex Passion. Sex is an active ingredient in all healthy love relationships. Sex is fun and pleasure is good for us. Making love men and women experiencing passion with each other.When you give yourself fully with love is the highest form of pleasure.The sexual Life is immeasurably heightened when both partners feel free each other.Allow your free rein.Allow to the beloved to investigate depth of your passion.Passionate kiss, tenderness, caressing, touching each other is enlivens sex live.Sex that is deeply enjoyed is give climaxes secrets.

Laughter Can Reduce Stress and Improve Your Health.Even if your laughter seems forced, don't be surprised if you feel much better.
Act of laughter can be a physically and emotionally therapeutic force. Laughter are being effectively used in hospitals, nursing homes, and grade schools.When you're laughing you discharge tension associated with the three primary negative emotions--anxiety, fear, and anger.Any of these emotions in excess can lead to diseases that shorten life. If you can laugh at what you fear, the fear just vanishes.
People who are happier may have healthier hearts and cardiovascular systems, possibly cutting their risk of diseases like diabetes.
Researchers at University College London, UK, have linked everyday happiness with healthier levels of important body chemicals, such as the stress hormone cortisol.That associates positive emotional feelings with good effects on your health.

The statistics speaks: defloration, and also conception of the child occur on holidays or Holiday more often. On holidays we pay attention each other. For spouses the holiday is an excellent chance to diversify sex.Celebratory sex demands the approach competent and reasonable, differently you are waited with disappointment. For example, sometimes all holiday pending intimate evening in sexual linen. Cheerful celebrating in the company of friends and alcohol can lead to full incapacity of the important body for sex. Here it is not necessary to hope for a miracle and to overestimate the forces.
At once will solve that more important this day - the big drinking bout or romantic evening.The separate problem - to wake passion in the husband. The holiday for this purpose is ideal time.In celebratory evening and sex should be celebratory. Even if mad experiments in sex are alien to spouses, the pair glasses of wine and aromatic candles in a combination with " only yours " music will enrich sensations from long-awaited appointment and will make sex rather celebratory.And as the present holiday, sex should be Passionate and pleasant. By one word the present love.



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