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Protect girlfriends, appreciate friends! Each of us has girlfriends, we with them quarrel and reconciled, but we continue to be friends. In fact at us the general interests, secrets. At female friendship it is a lot of tests, and the main thing from them - test by love, love to the man. Present when disappear everything, except for IT when one only ITS voice forces heart to tremble, and IT imperceptibly supersedes friends and girlfriends. The enamoured woman not at once understands, how its world when it loses girlfriends.
Our girlfriends disappear only when understand the uselessness. And to live without friendship as it is heavy, as well as without love.

love is a pleasure!
Before to grow fond, it is necessary to learn to take pleasure
As a matter of fact, the love is a pleasure that we receive, and that we give. Ability to test pleasure - necessary condition to fall in love with the suitable man.
Under pleasure I have in a kind not only sexual satisfaction, though the sex, certainly, is the very important making love. The love begins then, when you are capable to take pleasure in simple daily pleasures.
At a biochemical level the love is a growing sensation of pleasure. The love attitudes arise, when the partners test pleasure from dialogue with each other.

How to like the man?
1- Men do not love when them criticize.
2- Men do not love when the woman completely independent.
3- It is not necessary to be excessively helpless.Men like to show nobleness and force.
4- Any the man dreams of the devoted girl.
5- Never tell about the former friends.
6- There is no gentleman who easy would concern to female tears and griefs, but too often it to do it is not necessary.
7- Get rid of bad habits and shapeless clothes.
8- It is possible to lose irrevocably favourite, if more often flirtation with other men. Women always wish to be the surrounded admirers, however this desire needs to be reduced, if you value attitudes with the friend.
9- Watch the appearance, but tragedy in occasion of the broken nail do not arrange.

What is the sexuality?

There Are many beautiful girls, but they are not sexual! And the girl with usual appearance, can seem unusually sexual! She has more admirers than more beautiful girls.Sexuality it not beauty,and something another? Sexuality is many qualities - appearance, charm, a mimicry, gestures, confidence of, power attractiveness, positivity, an openness, affability, many other things.Whether and it is possible to learn to be sexual? Certainly, it is possible. What it is necessary for this purpose? To study, train, develop, vary in the desirable party, that is to become sexual. The more experts, the reach result more quickly. Refuse stereotypes, from complexes, from all that to you stirs.Learn to dance well, on a regular basis go in for sports, train under direction of the good trainer. You become more attractive and self-assured.


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